Get your pup in the holiday spirit!

Give them the gift of flavor with one of our new Good 'n' Fun holiday items. From treat ornaments to holiday calendars, it's a fun 'n' festive way to bring holiday joy to your furry friend!

Treat Ornament


Every ornament is filled with 100+ training treats made with USA-sourced real beef and chicken. While we all like to believe holiday calories don't count, you don't have to worry about that since these treats are only 3 calories each! That means these bite-sized treats are perfect for rewarding and spoiling pups of all sizes.

Triple Flavor Canes

Triple Flavor

Nothing is better than waking up to some delicious pancakes with syrup and bacon on Christmas morning! Now your pup can join in on the feast! Made with real beef hide, chicken, bacon and artificial maple flavor, these chews bring the smell of Christmas morning to life for both your pup and their favorite human.

12 Days of Dogmas Calendar

12 Days of
Dogmas Calendar

Set to the tune of a holiday classic, this calendar is sure to make any pup dance for joy! Behind each door, a holiday treat is in store. With a mix of our beef hide favorites, including 8 Triple Flavor Twist Sticks and 4 Triple Flavor Kabobs, each day will be a delicious and long-lasting surprise for your dog to enjoy.

Triple Flavor Jumbo kabobs

Triple Flavor Jumbo kabobs

This the season for giving, and this 5-count pack of jumba kabobs is the perfect gift for your large dog! These tasty jumbo kabobs are made with real beef hide, then wrapped with real chicken, duck and chicken liver For a savory taste of the holidays. To make your gift giving easier, there's a classic holiday gift tag for you to personalize on the package!

Holiday Variety Pack

Holiday Variety Pack

Hanging a stocking for your pup has never been easier! The Good 'n' Fun stocking is filled with 10 savory chews for a great that will get tails wagging'. Each pack contains an assortment of fan-favorite chews, including Triple Flavor Wings, Triple Flavor Ribs, Triple Flavor kabobs and Chicken Flavored Crunchy Sticks.

Good and Fun  Product Festive Fun

There's More Festive Fun When They Are Done!

Once your pup has finished all the treats from the Good 'n' Fun Treat Ornament, don't throw it away! Try your hand (or paw) at an easy craft project and Decorate the ornament ball to hang on your tree.

Check out these DIY transformation ideas for your ornament! And share your creation on Facebook or Instagram using #GoodNFUnOrnament.

DIY transformation ideas for your ornament
DIY transformation ideas for your ornament
DIY transformation ideas for your ornament

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